Post Treatment after Eyebrow Embroidery

aftercare of eyebrow embroidery

Popularly known as “Cosmetic Tattooing”, the procedure of “EYEBROW EMBROIDERY” is referred to as the semi-permanent makeup of the naturally present eyebrows. This method of microblading has been in trend in recent times, mainly in the Asian countries like Singapore and Malaysia and others. The main motive of eyebrow embroidery is to give the thin eye brows the appearance of natural thickness. This tattooing process technically involves implanting certain pigments under the surface of the natural skin with the help of tiny disposable needles making it look like hair strokes. As we already know this method is semi-permanent, so one must be completely aware of the technical knowhow about the pre-treatment as well as the post treatment after eyebrow embroidery.

So let’s have a good glance at the knowhow and measures to be taken after the process is over.


The first and foremost step in the aftercare process of eyebrow embroidery that must be taken is to rinse thoroughly your eyebrows with children’s neutral soap after nearly half an hour from the completion of the process. All the lymph and cream that was applied before the treatment are to be removed and after that a very thin layer of protective serum is to be applied. This procedure needs to be carried out around 3 to 5 times during the day. However if the eyebrow treatment has been done around in evening or late afternoon and a person doesn’t have enough amount of time to do it for 3 to 5 times a day, then he/she can cover the eyebrows with a plastic wrap to which the cream was applied on previously, so that the eyebrows can be avoided from dying and wiping overnight.

During the next week, facial hygiene must be well-maintained and the cream is to be applied once you wash your face or have a shower. Because of the natural active components that facilitate oiling onto your face, one can know about the best product from JezBrows which is good for all skin types.


One must avoid scratching the particular portion of the eyebrows as this adversely affects the healing process. Moreover, workouts that involve a lot of sweating and steaming must be avoided. During the first week of this treatment, except for the protective cream which needs to be applied, the entire make up in the area and all other creams must be avoided.

In the next month, one should not indulge into activities such as sunbathing and light therapies. Also fruit acids and creams that possess regeneration factors should also be avoided. Laser treatment too can destroy the pigment formation so proper care must be taken regarding that.


The 6-D eyebrow is a comparatively new method involving the use of blades instead of the machine as opposed to the 3-D method. Those who aspire for lighter and fine looking brows must opt for this new 6D Eyebrow Embroidery method.  The 6-D technique has thinnest needles to produce thin, fine and crisp hair brows. This process lasts for around 3 hours and is a little more complicated than the obsolete 3-D technique. In this, the eyebrow embroidery is carried on in the direction of natural hairs and as per the growth pattern.

The 6D embroidery method serves as a more comfortable method providing a much finer look to the thick eyebrow.

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Some of our recent portfolio

After 1st 6D eyebrow embroidery treatment singapore
Before treatment
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Touch up after the 1st treatment
Beauty Brow with Jessie - Our principal beautician
Beauty Brow with Jessie – Our principal beautician



What else means to be the most important part of our body more than eyes? They mean a lot indeed. Enhancing them speaks a lot about ones personality and it is thus very important that your brows are shaped properly. The 6-D embroidery procedure has been in fashion recently due to its idiosyncratic style of treatment. What matters even more is the way in which one does the post-treatment care of the eyebrow embroidery done.

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