How to know which eyebrow means for which face shape?

face shape

Everyone look in the mirror and ask one question to himself, “Am I looking good?” What is the one thing you can do to increase the beauty of your face. Obviously, the suggestion will properly shaped eyebrows. Now you have to decide are your eyebrows good enough to match with your face or not.

Now there are different types of eyebrows to suit different types of faces as there are different types of haircuts too for different faces. There are six types of faces- long, oval, round, diamond, square, and heart. The full description of the eyebrows which will suit these faces is given below.

The first thing you must do before shaping your eyebrows is decide the shape of your face. The only way to get better eyebrows is to adjust it with a matching face. So here we will discuss how to know about your face and the eyebrow which will suit on it.

eyebrow for face shape

  • Long Face Shape – The cheekbones, jaw line and forehead have same width in Long Face Shape. So flat eyebrows will best suit for this type of shape. The eyebrows must be with no curve or can have a little downward curve. It makes the face to look a bit round as with a long face you don’t want it to look longer.
  • Oval Face Shape – You can find prominent cheek bones in an oval shaped face and the forehead too will be much wider than the chin. Your eyebrows must be of soft angled look for this face shape which is also called the best face shape.
  • Round Face Shape – In this face shape the widest point of the face is its cheeks and the face normally is same in its length and width. The people with the round face always like the look of their face a bit longer so you can create high arched eyebrows for that. If the sharp arch ones are not liked by you then you can have the soft arch type ones too. It will help your face look a bit longer.
  • Diamond Face Shape – This kind of face is seen very rarely. In this shape the face is very wide at the temples and the forehead is short. The face will be angular too according to experts. In this shape the strong features of your face must be softened by a curved eyebrow.
  • Square Face Shape –  The most obvious feature in this shape is the squared jaw line. The width of cheekbones, jaw line and forehead are same. A rounder shape eyebrow with medium width is suitable for this type of face. Low soft arch eyebrows will suit this shape too.
  • Heart Face Shape – The features are all similar to the oval face shape the only difference is a pointed chin. To soften the pointed look the round eyebrow is best. Low arch round brow will give an amazing natural look to the face.

If you are thinking on how to shape them, there are two techniques, Threading and Tweezing. Threading can be done in beauty salon by professionals and tweezing can be done by you at home too by using tweezers.

Above is the common way, you can consider having Eyebrow Embroidery Service as well. It also call Microblading Singapore.

Now you will know which eyebrow will suit you. Choose accordingly and see the difference.

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