Hair removal seems to be a tedious task. It’s painful, time consuming and needs to be repeatedly performed at specific time intervals. Moreover, continuous waxing is though full of frustration, you might also end up spending more in the long run. JezBrows offers its laser treatments for hair removal that are fast, effective for all skin types and most importantly, definitely a painless procedure. Get smooth underarms, upper lip, bikini line and much more. We are a one-stop solution for patients suffering from rashes and skins issues due to ingrowth hair and shaving. Get off your hair comfortably within no time.

Laser Treatment

The laser treatment is for anyone who’s seeking a long-term solution to get rid of their hair. Both men and women can get it done on their body, face, genitalia and evading the hassles of shaving every time. This treatment is highly beneficial for people suffering from rashes, having an ingrown hair, skin issues due to hair, etc. We assure you an effective treatment, fast and comfortable for all skin types.

The treatment performed with the laser may not entail the patient to go numb cream always, but for ultimate comfort or while treating the sensitive areas, we may apply the numb cream. On an average, it takes 5 – 8 treatments to get rid of the hair. At every course, you will realise the density of the hair going down.

At JezBrows, we follow a three-step process to get your treatment simplified. Let’s find out how we do it.


Step 1 –

We use the popular laser hair removal technology that emits light to your skin’s surface. The hair on the skin absorbs the light and turns it into heat. We know the hair is darker compared to our skin. The concept is similar to how the block cloth captivates more heat of the sun.

Step 2 –

Now the heat destroys the hair follicle. The technology is so advanced that it will never damage the surrounding skin. Since there is nothing to hold the hair, it will automatically fall in a few days.

Step 3 –

Since the hair follicle is destroyed, there is nothing left to grow new hair. So, you can now enjoy your hair free skin without worrying about shaving or waxing it.

You may first have a discussion with the dermatologist who can better explain what outcome will your skin type have. They guide you through the treatments, if required, possible side effects and quick therapies to avoid them. It is only then the process starts. We assure you all your privacy, with no pains, no risks, complete comfort and ultimately no mess.

Important tip

Consider preparing your skin by shaving it one or two days before the treatment. Do not wax or pluck your hair before getting treated. Moreover, avoid your skin exposure in the sun before as well as after the removal treatment. This is to prevent uneven pigmentation or burns in the tanned areas.


We use the Ultra Plus Variable Pulsed Light VPL Technology.

It is a multi-application technology prevalent across the globe. Thank you for such prime equipment that sustains us to assure you optimal hair removal results. It is also a perfect equipment that is used for skin rejuvenation, pigmented abrasions, vascular application and active acne treatments.

The Variable Pulsed Light technology is one of the safest treatments to get done for skin deformities and removal of unwanted hair. It is clinically proven for its treatments that include hair removal. Acne, thread veins, rosacea, wrinkles, sun damages, etc. Further, it guarantees to leave your skin glowing, silky and smooth. The technology controls the absorption of light in a way that the heating does not reach surrounding tissues untimely evading skin damages around. Till date, it has provided optimum results even on darker skin tones.

Jez Brows
Our Prices

We provide a competitive pricing for our customers.

• Underarm: $199 for 12 sessions
• Forearm: $350 for 12 sessions
• Arm (Full): $599 for 12 sessions
• Lower leg: $450 for 12 sessions
• Leg (Full): $800 for 12 sessions
• Brazailian: $750 for 12 sessions


Is it painful?

You won’t feel the pain at all in most of the areas. However, in sensitive areas such as the bikini area, you might have a slight sensation. However, the therapists will apply a cooling gel to ensure your complete comfort.

Are there any side effects of the treatment?

There are no side effects of the treatment. You can simply stay normal doing your daily activities soon after the treatment. However, the skin is a little sensitive for three days after the treatment. Thus, we recommend you not to get into direct contact with the sunlight. Also, do not wax or shave the area after the treatment since it may cause side effects.

How does the treatment work?

The treatment works on the theory of light which states that the dark colours absorb higher energy compared to the lighter shades. The equipment exposes heat that destroys the hair follicle since it is the darker part of the skin.

It is so inexpensive. Is it still good?

It definitely is. The affordable pricing is to assure the maximum satisfaction to all our customers. Despite being so cheap, high-end equipment is used for the process. We use Ultra Plus Variable Pulsed Light VPL Technology that is clinically proven for its hair removal benefits. Our salons are 100% clean and hygienic, assuring minimal mess. We have a team of professional dermatologists to make you feel comfortable and take good care of your skin. They will guide you to the best.

Is it successful for sensitive skin types?

Skin being a personal and a very critical issue, we provide free consultation from our therapists who diagnose and perform a full examination of your skin. There are a vast variety of the skin sensitivities and differ in every individual. If you have never got an IPL done before, we recommend you to come down for a free patch test. You may register with us for the free trial.

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